Banana & rose

Sold out. It's the 3rd year in a row we've fallen in love with a coffee from Buziraguhindwa in Burundi. You're all in for a treat with this naturally processed tropical punch of a coffee.

In general Burundian coffees have a very complex profile when processed right.

Buziraguhindwa was the first washing station of the producer Salum Ramadhan. Nordic Approach has been buying coffees from this region since their second year of production, 2012.

The washing station is located in the community of Kayanza and the altitudes are about 2000 masl and above.

Salums right hand and assistant, Nimu Silas is managing all the qualities by managing strict routines and protocols on cherry selection, processing and drying. One lot consists of coffee from many smallholders surrounding the washing stations.

The lot separation is normally based on the days of picking, the area from where the cherries are produced and the process itself.

Their hard work has paid off and their coffees have gained more and more quality through the years. Both in shelf-life and cup-score.

Starting this year it's accompanied by their own dry mill which will give them even more control over the quality and give us more options for sorting.

This year Salum has been paying 100 Burundian Francs pr kg above the minimum cherry prices and another 50 Francs pr kg when the coffees are sold. He has created nurseries to give seedlings to the farmers as well as help them with compost based on e.g. pulp from the washing station, and has some programs with animal dung that is turned into fertilizer helping the farmers take care of their coffee trees the years after.

This coffee is processed as a natural. They have improved significantly with their naturals the past few years.

They are generally making naturals when they have great cherry quality coming in and when they have enough capacity on the tables to do it properly.

The cherries are soaked in water to remove all floaters. They spread it out in a single layer about the first 2 days while they are sorting out immature, deceased and overripe cherries.

Its also to expedite drying times in the beginning of the drying cycle as that seems to create a cleaner and brighter profile in their environment.

After the 2-3 first days they slowly build up the layers, and are moving and turning the cherries on the table multiple times per day.

  • Burundi

  • Kayanza

  • Buziraguhindwa

  • Salum Ramadahn

  • Various smallholders

  • Bourbon

  • Natural

  • 2000 masl

  • 2018

  • Nordic Approach

  • 84,77 pr kg

  • Light (ideal for filter brewing)

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