Cream & orange

Sold out. We love a super tasty, smooth and buttery Brazilian coffee. This gem from Antônio Rigno is everything we love about coffees from this region.

Located in the Diamantina Plateau, in the city of Piatã - São Judas Tadeu is a farm belonging to Antônio Rigno. He is a conscientious producer who pays close attention to ensure the quality of the coffee that he produces.

He is considered as a mentor in Piata, and has won Cup of Excellence and several other competitions multiple times. The coffees from this region are distinctively different than other Brazilians and are often more floral and bright. This natural has great orange and cream like characteristics.

Every part of his farm and wet mill is meticulously taken care of and on the farm he is prepares the soil for the seedlings to have the best chance possible at becoming established. While also investing in pulping machines, dryers and covered patios to enhance the final result.

  • Brazil

  • Bahia

  • Sao Judas Tadeu

  • Antônio Rigno

  • Catuai

  • Natural

  • 1250 masl

  • 2016

  • Nordic Approach

  • 41.08kr per kg

  • 250g

  • Medium to dark (great for espresso or those that enjoy more intense coffees)

  • Plum & Almonds

    Having spent some time living in Andean Ecuador, only a few hundred kilometers south from where finca Los Idolos is located in Nariño, Colombia in the south western corner of Colombia, I am reminded of the immense variety of geography, climates, ecosystems, and subsequent biodiversity of this area of the world. This coffee from Edgar Meneses at Finca Los Idolos has a plum-like acidity, gentle sweetness, and is well balanced by an almond and creamy yet clear and clean body.

  • Honey & Rose

    That feeling when it’s still a little brisk outside, and you can’t help but sit in the bright sunshine, letting it warm you after the long dark winter. That is what this coffee is — it’s highly anticipated springtime, finally right around the corner. This cup contains honey sticky sweetness and rose; it’s balanced with a hint of refreshing bitters.

  • Fruktnøtt

    Everyone has their favorite. Be it Kvik Lunsj, Firkløver, or Helnøtt, we all have that one particular Norwegian chocolate bar that we gravitate towards. This tasty coffee from Finca Los Pirineos in El Salvador is those of you who can’t get enough Fruktnøtt in your life.

  • Dried Apricot & Spices

    A wintry perfection of dried fruits and cardamom spice. Just what you need to warm up in cozy comfort.

  • Star Anise & Dark Syrup

    Another stunning coffee from the Caballero Collective in Honduras. This coffee has the best of both worlds, with a lot of brightness and a lovely, full, syrupy body.

  • Milk chocolate & wild berries

    Sold out. This gorgeous coffee from Honduras has so much to give.