Lime & Nectarine

Sold out. Ian from Curated Brew, a subscription service based in the UK, got in touch with us a few months ago hoping that we could find a stellar coffee to offer for their April box. We thought that this delicious, ripe and zesty Rwandan coffee was just the right fit.

We loved it so much that we bought a little extra of it to share with you.

The good folks at Mercanta Coffee Merchants invited us to their cupping lab in London to taste their current offerings and we thought it was a great opportunity to import a coffee that we hadn't had in our selection before.

Rwandan coffees are a really lovely mix of the herbal freshness of Burundian coffees and the juicy stone fruit nature of Kenyans.

We think this coffee is refreshing, vibrant and special. Only around for a short time, so grab it while its here.

  • Rwanda

  • Gakenke District of Northern Province

  • Ruli& Rubyiniro

  • Musasa Ruli & Mblima

  • Valens Ntezimana& John Bosco Habimana

  • Musasa Dukunde Kawa Cooperative -some 2,148 smallholder farmers

  • Red Bourbon

  • Fully washed & sun dried on raised beds

  • 1700 - 2000 masl

  • June/July 2016

  • Mercanta Coffee Merchants

  • 147 NOK pr kg

  • Light (ideal for filter brewing)

  • Plum & Almonds

    Having spent some time living in Andean Ecuador, only a few hundred kilometers south from where finca Los Idolos is located in Nariño, Colombia in the south western corner of Colombia, I am reminded of the immense variety of geography, climates, ecosystems, and subsequent biodiversity of this area of the world. This coffee from Edgar Meneses at Finca Los Idolos has a plum-like acidity, gentle sweetness, and is well balanced by an almond and creamy yet clear and clean body.

  • Earl Grey & Rosehip

    It’s calm with a lovely lightly bitter black tea aftertaste, has a grounded structure, and it doesn’t have that super typical natural funkiness (though definitely still a natural). There's fruit as you'd expect: papaya and lime. We're happy to share this easy drinking coffee as we roll into summertime.

  • Honey & Rose

    Sold out. That feeling when it’s still a little brisk outside, and you can’t help but sit in the bright sunshine, letting it warm you after the long dark winter. That is what this coffee is — it’s highly anticipated springtime, finally right around the corner. This cup contains honey sticky sweetness and rose; it’s balanced with a hint of refreshing bitters.

  • Fruktnøtt

    Everyone has their favorite. Be it Kvik Lunsj, Firkløver, or Helnøtt, we all have that one particular Norwegian chocolate bar that we gravitate towards. This tasty coffee from Finca Los Pirineos in El Salvador is those of you who can’t get enough Fruktnøtt in your life.

  • Orange & Almonds

    A bright Colombian; this is a classic coffee from Hugo Guarnizo in the Tarqui department of Colombia. It was harvested during the secondary smaller harvest that occurs in Colombia; this is known colloquially as the mitaka.

  • Star Anise & Dark Syrup

    Sold out. Another stunning coffee from the Caballero Collective in Honduras. This coffee has the best of both worlds, with a lot of brightness and a lovely, full, syrupy body.