Passionfruit & pineapple

Sold out. Get ready for a flavour explosion! This is an absolutely wild tasting coffee from the Gigante region in Colombia and the first ever naturally processed Tabi variety that we've had the pleasure to share with you.

The majority of producers in Colombia have farms that are under 3 hectares in size, which limits their capacity of production. This project aims to connect producers in the same community by investing in them to facilitate their skills to produce distinctive coffees.

The project is in its infancy, only having operated since 2017. A group of producers have been selected based on them producing either of two varieties, Tabi or geisha and then training these farmers in how to process Natural coffee. This is done in partnership with the local association Cooprocafes, who supports the farmers in understanding how to dry whole cherry.

The farmers involved in the project are located in Gigante, which is in the central part of Huila. All of the farms participating are between 1700 to 1900 masl, they are having their main harvest between Oct/Feb and the Mitaca between May-Aug. At the moment there are 6 farmers participating in producing natural Geisha coffees, and 22 farmers participating in producing natural Tabi coffees.

  • Colombia

  • Gigante, Huila

  • Mammutidae Collective

  • Tabi

  • Natural

  • 1700 - 1900 masl

  • 2018

  • Nordic Approach

  • 250g

  • 137,28kr per kg

  • Medium (ideal for a lighter bodied espresso coffee or those that enjoy more intense coffees)

  • Hazelnut & Mandarin

    Sold out. Creamy chocolate, thick and rich with super sweet mandarin and stone fruit.

  • Jasmine & peach

    Sold out. Peaches & cream, in the way only an Ethiopian coffee can bring you all of the peaches and cream. Jasmine flowers and intricate bitters that stimulate your senses to finish it off. We’ve immensely enjoyed coffee from the Boji wet mill in the Kochere region on multiple occasions and are thrilled to bring it back for another run.

  • Roasted walnut & grape

    This coffee is technically a blend, but it’s not your average blend. By purchasing this coffee, you are directly supporting 15 small coffee pickers. You are supporting fair pay, legal and safe health care, and pension payments.

  • Nectarine & Dark Chocolate

    Sold out. We taste 80% dark chocolate and stone fruit, specifically nectarine, along with some creamy & bitter walnut.

  • Lingonberry & Cream

    It’s as though a human-sized raspberry is running full speed ahead at you, into your mouth - you’re a little freaked out by it, but then it gives you a massive sweet juicy hug and all is well with the world. So sugar cane sweet, bold and bright. Uniquely fresh crop Kenyan in the very best way.

  • Earl Grey & Rosehip

    Sold out. It’s calm with a lovely lightly bitter black tea aftertaste, has a grounded structure, and it doesn’t have that super typical natural funkiness (though definitely still a natural). There's fruit as you'd expect: papaya and lime. We're happy to share this easy drinking coffee as we roll into summertime.