Plum & Almonds

Sold out. Having spent some time living in Andean Ecuador, only a few hundred kilometers south from where finca Los Idolos is located in Nariño, Colombia in the south western corner of Colombia, I am reminded of the immense variety of geography, climates, ecosystems, and subsequent biodiversity of this area of the world. This coffee from Edgar Meneses at Finca Los Idolos has a plum-like acidity, gentle sweetness, and is well balanced by an almond and creamy yet clear and clean body.

This coffee is a direct reminder of such diversity across South America because coffee from Nariño is markedly different from coffee grown in other regions of Colombia. The flavor profiles of Nariño region coffees are impacted by growing altitudes sometimes as high as 2200 m.a.s.l., low humidity, and often quite dry conditions during harvest.

The producer of this coffee, Edgar Meneses, operates Finca Los Idolos with his partner Marleny Lasso. The farms in this area are often very small and remote due to the steep and difficult terrain; this is true of Finca Los Idolos as well. Edgar and Marleny’s operation is small, clean, and has excellent processing systems in place to maintain high quality. 

They pick the coffee in several passes as it ripens. This particular lot is fully washed in the traditional way, as most coffees coming out of this region still typically are, though some producers are beginning to experiment with other processing methods. A fully washed coffee like this one is picked, pre-sorted for quality, then the skin and fruit are removed with a small mechanical de-pulper. The coffee is wet fermented for 12-14 hours, then washed, and dried. The drying process most often takes place in covered parabolic driers, and when these dryers are well ventilated, the drying process takes 10-18 days. The dried coffee is then delivered to the Bodega for further analyzation, and quality control.

  • Edgar Meneses

  • Finca Los Idolos

  • Brucelas, a small community in Buesaco, Nariño

  • Caturra, Colombia

  • Fully washed

  • August 2017

  • 1900 m.a.s.l.

  • Volcanic, Subtropical highland

  • 250g bags

  • 46.76 nok per kg

  • Medium, great for filter coffee or a bright espresso

  • Hazelnut & Mandarin

    Sold out. Creamy chocolate, thick and rich with super sweet mandarin and stone fruit.

  • Jasmine & peach

    Sold out. Peaches & cream, in the way only an Ethiopian coffee can bring you all of the peaches and cream. Jasmine flowers and intricate bitters that stimulate your senses to finish it off. We’ve immensely enjoyed coffee from the Boji wet mill in the Kochere region on multiple occasions and are thrilled to bring it back for another run.

  • Roasted walnut & grape

    This coffee is technically a blend, but it’s not your average blend. By purchasing this coffee, you are directly supporting 15 small coffee pickers. You are supporting fair pay, legal and safe health care, and pension payments.

  • Nectarine & Dark Chocolate

    Sold out. We taste 80% dark chocolate and stone fruit, specifically nectarine, along with some creamy & bitter walnut.

  • Lingonberry & Cream

    It’s as though a human-sized raspberry is running full speed ahead at you, into your mouth - you’re a little freaked out by it, but then it gives you a massive sweet juicy hug and all is well with the world. So sugar cane sweet, bold and bright. Uniquely fresh crop Kenyan in the very best way.

  • Earl Grey & Rosehip

    Sold out. It’s calm with a lovely lightly bitter black tea aftertaste, has a grounded structure, and it doesn’t have that super typical natural funkiness (though definitely still a natural). There's fruit as you'd expect: papaya and lime. We're happy to share this easy drinking coffee as we roll into summertime.