Dried Apricot & spices

A wintry perfection of dried fruits and cardamom spice. Just what you need to warm up in cozy comfort.

The most interesting feature of this coffee is that it is a blend of micro lots from the same region in Pitalito. Its the first time we've been working with this type of blend but its extra exciting because it allows us access to a range of smallholders that we've not had the chance of working with before.

The Bruselito coffee is Nordic Approach's crafted concept for high-end micro lot blends from the vereda Bruselas and the surroundings of Pitalito. The selection and combination of lots is based on cup profile, score, and geography. These coffees come from small farmers that are a member of Cadefihuila Cooperative. Nordic Approach works alongside exporters having coffee programs with the cooperatives targeting certain areas, groups or producers within the cooperative focusing on quality.

Pitalito is the main city located in the south of Huila. It is surrounded by coffee areas of amazing potential. The altitudes for our coffees generally ranges from 1600 – 2000 masl. The farmers often work in groups and are selling the coffee to the local bodegas (purchasing points for parchment).

  • Colombia

  • Huila, Pitalito

  • Various smallholders in the Huila region

  • Caturra & Castillo

  • Washed

  • 2017

  • Nordic Approach

  • 250g

  • 92,30kr per kg

  • Medium to dark (ideal for espresso coffee or those that enjoy more intense coffees)

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  • Dried Apricot & spices

    A wintry perfection of dried fruits and cardamom spice. Just what you need to warm up in cozy comfort.

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